From Our Island

Our Purpose

We are here to care for and protect the wellness and wealth of Kaua‘i — our people and our island.

Why a Kaua‘i Credit Union

Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives built on ‘people helping people’ principles. Democratically owned, credit unions don’t have outside stockholders so our success is our members’ success.  That means that earnings get passed on to our members in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates, and lower service fees.


Being a Kaua‘i credit union means we are rooted where we live. We invest in financial education, training, and information for the people of this island. We are committed to growing and building our community through charitable efforts here on Kaua‘i. Alongside our ohana, neighbors, and friends, we will make this happen together.


Our Story

In 1947, we started a credit union for employees of the territory of Hawaii and the county of Kaua‘i. Our goal was not only to provide county, state, and federal government employees and their families with basic financial needs but also to invest in and grow the quality of life on the island.

Over 70 years later, we’re still committed to our goal. Kaua‘i Federal Credit Union continues to help the people of Kaua‘i by keeping our money on the island for a stronger financial future for our people.  We offer our members the financial services and products that are right for them at preferable rates and at little or no cost, ensuring the wellness and wealth of future generations.

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